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Quantum Dynamics Separators Inc. is a Canadian Corporation registered in Ottawa.
Yaz - Dehydrone Separator Systems is the Corporationís main product, which has been patented both in the U. S. and Canada.
The Corporation was established after granting the Inventor the U.S. Patent. Later a Canadian Patent was granted with additional coverage. The Corporation had been mainly concerned with the development of the Patent.
The experimental vessel was built and tested on a salt (water) producing well in the Middle East. Based on test results, the design was optimized for maximum separation efficiency , before applying for patent.( Fig.1)
A computer generated prototype was constructed at the Robotics Center of the University of Kentucky, (Fig.2), and a leading U.S. high pressure vessel manufacturer ,in Ohio, reviewed the design and blue prints of the Separator. The design was implemented into CAD application and the cost of building the separator and lead time was estimated.


1- To commercially introduce the new revolutionary method of two-phase separation and provide more efficient and cost effective alternative to to-dayís other separation equipment.
2- To expand the Company to use various designs of the separator to suit all separation needs in the industry.
3- To establish a permanent presence in the $ 3 billion world separation market by targeting new customers with separation requirements and providing an economical replacement to customers for their presently expensive or inefficient separation equipment.


Quantum Dynamics Separatorís objective is to establish work relationship with interested partners in any part of the world and to develop joint venture and strategies together. The Company finds this strategy an excellent way of entering the full scope of the separation business market in the world. The Company looks for potential partners who would provide the sales, marketing , distribution and assist in research and development for exploring all fields of application of the separator. The Company will, also, consider licensing the patents on terms to be negotiated.

Centrifugal SeparationThe ProductAbout the Inventor
Figures & Test ResultsEnvironmental IssuesContact Us

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